Rabu, 18 Februari 2009

i want to share how much i love~~

how much i care to u~~
how much i response to u~~
n how much u can change my spare life~~

Thanks to God that born u in this world~~
i'm so grateful can know u~~

Maybe u don't know who am i~
u don't know who person write this~
u don't know who fans like me~~
but u are my insipiration~
u are the day of my life~~
u have change my life from boring become meaningful~

Juzt not for my minnie~
DBSK is precious too~~
You are Everything to me~~
You like Virus that spreading on my mind~

i can't stop say happie bday to my minnie~
can't stop say saranghae oppa~~
really can't stop...
I LOVE U oppa~

i'll ending my word~~
i think it's enough~~


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